Richard Zahn guides the thinking of each of the followers and the group in general

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Richard Zahn can solve problems. A leader must be able to solve problems that may arise effectively and efficiently. To do this, he must rely on his team members and look for the optimal solution among them.
Zahn has developed and acquired a series of skills that allow him to lead a work team. These capabilities are present in him, but with a lot of work and good training, he has developed other additional skills.
Leading a team is not about dictatorship; even if the leader is the one who makes the final decision, being able to expose the situation to your colleagues and ask for advice or points of view can be very beneficial for the team and the organization.
Richard Zahn contributes to generating empathy, which is key when we talk about companies that must reinforce the retention of human talent. If the different leaders of the work teams or the human resources area have this characteristic, they can create environments where employees want to stay.

Work to keep your employees motivated

In a broader sense, human resource management implies a particular influence relationship between components of a group, in which the leader provides members with valuable resources to achieve common goals. Leadership is a process whereby the individual commands, guides, influences, and supervises the thoughts, feelings, actions, or behaviors of others.
Richard Zahn nurtures and motivates talented employees. Another fundamental ingredient is commitment, which can only be achieved with excellent communication between workers and senior management. This makes employees feel satisfied and motivated.

A person who invests in training

Richard Zahn guides the thinking of each of the followers and the group. He establishes the goals in the spirit of the group that promotes the members of the same, not only to fulfill their duties but to do it beyond what is expected.
Invest time in their training so that they continue to grow professionally, and make the organization grow towards the objective set. People with leadership qualities can identify special skills and know how to use them to benefit the organization.