Reasons for the mining industry to consider zero liquid discharge

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If you are in the mining industry, you will know the importance of mine water treatment better than anyone. As metals are always in contact with water along with some chemicals, water treatment could be tricky. However, processes like zero liquid discharge make these processes efficient. The following are few reasons to consider the zero liquid discharge method.
Better water recovery
As the name suggests, zero liquid discharge processes will ensure no liquids are left behind as wastes. You can think where the hell the processed water has gone. You need not worry as most of the used or contaminated water will get recovered and brought to your use without any losses. In other treatment processes, you may have to waste a huge portion of treated water due to the remaining contaminants. If 90% of your water is recovered for future use, your spending on water acquisition will get reduced drastically.
Reduced wastes
After recovery percentage, the primary benefit of zero liquid discharge is in its name itself. As there are no liquid wastes, all those left behind would be solid particles. It means that only a few leftovers are there. So, you can eliminate the necessity to take care of the waste management processes even after purifying the water. As a mining company, you would know the various types of risks and costs associated with this waste removal process. It is a great advantage if these risks are eliminated.
Quality of reused water
Your mining activities will require certain levels of quality and purity for the process to take place itself. You will be spending something on these purification steps in addition to waste removal after the process. However, if you go with zero liquid discharge methods, you can use the reused water for successive processes. As this water will be pure already, you can avoid those pre-process treatment activities.