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In the childhood stage, playing musical instruments can encourage creativity and concentration. It is a phase where you begin to develop skills, have a more creative mindset, and are easier to learn, especially with the support of a platform like chordtela.
Many experts say that there are many benefits of listening to music. The brain releases dopamine associated with pleasure, lowers anxiety, and can even improve mood. But, playing an instrument produces much more, not only is listening to music, but at the same time, a melody is played that puts mind and body into action. When playing an instrument, the areas that are involved in the brain are many more than when only listening to music.

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It is known that children between the ages of four and six who take music classes have more advanced brain development than other children of the same age who have not taken classes. In addition, it brings benefits in the musical field and develops skills such as literacy, the ability to represent, and IQ. The children are more attracted as they see the classes as a game session with music and movement and not something obligatory.
Learning to play guitar chords (Kordgitar) while playing is the best way to make a class dynamic and fun. Learning becomes much more enjoyable, and knowledge can be better assimilated.

The guitar keys chords (chords kuncigitar) are easy to learn with the help of this site

Concentration is probably one of the first skills children learn when they start playing the guitar since this exercise requires constant effort to act.
Music for many can be their way of expressing themselves, and sometimes it can improve the child’s self-esteem since they learn to play the instrument and have to perform in front of an audience, which will require self-confidence, leading to higher self-esteem.