All you need to know about the Tuscan wine tours

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The tuscan wine tours are a wonderful idea for anyone who loves wines and want to learn about the history behind them, but before going on a tour of any winery, you need to keep some things in mind.
The things to keep in mind
1. Make sure that the winery is open to tourists.
-Most of them are, but you can always call ahead and check if they have any restrictions for visitors or not. Of course, if it’s a public one, then there will be no problem at all! The only thing you might find difficult is finding parking space in some areas, especially during weekends when people from neighbouring towns come over to visit their favourite vineyards as well.
2. The wineries are mostly small
-The Tuscan region is very fertile, and they produce a lot of different wines. This means that there are many vineyards in the area, but most have limited production capacity, so you might not see an actual working factory or something like this.
3. The staff is friendly and helpful
This depends on the winery you choose to visit, but most of them will be very kind in general, and they might even give you a short tour around their facilities. All you need to do is ask politely if it’s possible.
4. Make sure that you have a designated driver
-The Tuscan wine tours can be quite dangerous if your driver is not sober. Therefore, make sure to book the services of a good tour company and make sure they provide their drivers with proper insurance as well.
5. Make sure to bring your camera because you will have a lot of fun taking pictures!
-The beautiful landscape, the vineyards and all those barrels filled with different wines are perfect for some amazing shots. After visiting one of these places, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll want to share them on social media, so make sure that you pack your digital camera or smartphone along with extra batteries as well.