Addons for a music-downloading website

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An mp3 site would let you download mp3 free (download mp3 gratis). However, some of these sites will have some add-on features as listed below to enhance your experience.
Song description
A song available on a music platform will not come out of anywhere. There will be a production studio behind every song with artists performing it. For instance, if a singer named John is your favorite, you can identify all his songs with his name in the artist’s category. So, the music platform must have song descriptions containing all this information to let users filter accordingly. As you will not know these details beforehand, it may be knowledgeable to help you on any occasion. If there is no description, you will have no idea about the song and you cannot search for similar work also. However, the offering of song descriptions is an optional feature in music platforms.
Interesting facts
Songs are magical works done by artists around the world. Apart from offering soothing music with some lyrics, the producers would have gone through something to bring the best in a specific aspect in the form of music. For instance, you can find songs that are recorded without the use of a single instrument and with only vocals. Such work deserves recognition. Likewise, several songs would be there with some interesting stories behind them. In rare cases, music download platforms will also offer such information.
Video streaming or download
You will not be needing only audio files all the time. At times, you may love to watch a song with the original video of the artists. It could also be a movie song with a clip from the film. In such cases, it is helpful if you are on a site that offers video songs also as an additional offering.